Fresh wind on the sports complex Stadtwald! The couple Nicole and Karl-Josef Hartings takes over
the catering (clubhouse and kiosk) on the sports complex Stadtwald with the start of the year 2019.

The PSV Neuss 1961 e.V. cordially invites all members to the annual general meeting. This will take place on Monday, 11.02.2019 at 7 pm in the clubhouse on the sports complex Stadtwald.

18 students from 5 different schools in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss (16 boys and 2 girls) spent the last week training for the Official DFB Junior Coach Certificate at ISR.

After 40 training units, taught by our ISR Sports Coach Karsten Baumann (former professional football player and coach) and PSV football youth leader Markus Bartsch, the junior coaches obtained their certificates.

Unsere Zusammenarbeit mit der International School on the Rhine (ISR) wird mit Übernahme der BSA Stadtwald durch die Schule weiter intensiviert.

Zum Abschluss des Jahres 2018 und noch rechtzeitig vor dem Weihnachtsfest wurden die Unterschriften unter den mit der Stadt ausgehandelten Pachtvertrag gesetzt.

On Saturday afternoon, PSV Neuss celebrated the beautiful weather and at the same time the successful takeover of the district sports facility Stadtwald by the ISR - International School on the Rhine.