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Polizeisportverein Neuss e.V.


The KANDO Street Defense concept is characterized by straightforward and effective defense techniques that anyone with regular training can easily learn. In addition to defense techniques, the universal training includes a variety of attack techniques as well as helpful combat strategies. Self-defense training strengthens our members to defend themselves in unavoidable danger or attack situations. At the same time, they learn to act tactically and deliberately in extraordinary stressful situations. Using defense strategies in the form of attack or flight, scenarios are trained in confined spaces, in staircases, but also in the adjacent park. The members have the opportunity to apply what they have learned under realistic conditions at regular intervals. The regular sparring seminar (the form of a free fight) is an important part of our system and is widely recognized by our members. We teach methods that take into account the personal abilities of each individual.

General Orientation

In our effective training predominantly unarmed self-defense and attack techniques are taught. We attach great importance to train these stress situations again and again and to combine them with scenarios of everyday life. The members should be made aware of dangerous situations. In addition, they should be able to apply what they have learned under stress at the highest level. The system does not exclude the tactical "retreat". The defense or the fight is only the last and unavoidable means to save one's own life or to protect oneself or others.


Training Times


18:00 - 19:30

19:30 - 20:00 (short technical training on a voluntary basis)

Additional training units can be arranged upon request.



The monthly fee is 20 euros.



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Contact: Chris Kandora


Convince yourself and visit our free trial training! It always takes place at the training times listed above. We are always open to new members and look forward to meeting you!